This information was put together by home owners to help make you aware of tax information. Do not take this information as legal advice or interpret any tax information as your “right” to a particular tax break just because it’s stated on this website. Please see the Allegheny County website for official tax information.

Also make sure you check out the FAQ section for questions about appealing FAQ – TAXES

What types of local taxes am I required to pay?
Real Estate taxes are levied by three taxing bodies based on the assessed property values as established by Allegheny County. Those taxing bodies and the discount deadline dates for payment of taxes are as follows:

Ohio Township – April 30th – (412) 741-5950
Avonworth School District – August 31st – (412) 741-5950
Allegheny County – March 31st – (412) 350-4100

(All 3 of these taxes are considered Property Taxes, and are determined by multiplying the mileage of each taxing body against your assessed value) As you can see if you are assessed high it will effect how much taxes you pay to each taxing body.

If you Escrow your Taxes, you are required to forward these taxes bills to your mortage company.

Tax Relief Forms you Can and Should File:

Most of us are assessed at 2006 market values. According to some recent law changes we should be assed at 2002 building values. This is significantly lower than the 2006 market value. In order to be correctly assessed you need to Appeal your Assessment. You can download the appeal form from the following link you can also check review your assessment on the Allegheny county website by following this link.

File an Appeal to your Assement: Link below to forms

Homestead Act – Homestead Property Exclusion Program Act in May, 1998 (Act 50 of 1998)

What this does is takes off 10 – 15% of our assessment value for property taxes.

You can read the rules, download the form and send it out via this
web address.


The second Tax break is called an Abatement: New Home Construction.

Local Tax Abatement Act 202. You need a copy of your occupancy permit as well as the building permit. You can get these from the builder or the Coldwell banker agent at the VOSH. If you already moved into your unit, you have most likely missed out on the required time to apply for this tax relief. Its states that this form has to be filed between the issuing of the building permit and occupancy of the unit.


* If you find anything on this page to be inaccurate, please contact the Board to notify us. Thanks!

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